Uloupené dětství 1987

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Uloupené dětství 1987
1h 22min | Drama | TV Movie 1987


Virtually the whole world knows the fate of Jewish children from the Terezin ghetto, the tragedy of children from Lidice, but few know about the tragic death of several thousand children from mixed Czech-German marriages in the occupied border region. The real story of a young boy, who described the writer Jozo Mikula in his book Kids Behind the Grilles, attracted filmmakers as well. Under the concise title “The Broken Childhood”, Mirek lives in Kinderheim, Germany, where he came after the death of his Czech mother. At the father’s request, a court decision is taken by the child from the care of his grandmother and his upbringing to the German authorities. Education is a pontification. The methods used here or remotely did not remind of their noble name. MIRC also commented on the treatment and mental and physical deprivation.

Director: Milan Ruzicka
Stars: Jana Andresíková, Hana Cízková, Miluse Dreiseitlová
Country: Czechoslovakia
Release Date: 1987 (Czechoslovakia)

Uloupené dětství 1987 9
Uloupené detství (1987)

1 h 22 min|Drama|N/A


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