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A Time in Quchi 2013
Shu jia zuo ye (original title)
1h 49min | Drama | 6 December 2013 (Taiwan)
Storyline:Bao is sent to Quchi to accompany his widowed grandpa during the summer because his parents are getting divorced. Taking his homework with him, Bao is transferred to a small school. He finds out that he and a girl in the class share the same nickname, “Bear”. Moreover, he befriends a boy called Mingchuan. Their friendships brighten Bao’s life during his parents’User review:Quchi is a subtle and wistful coming of age story that showcases some extraordinarily natural young actors. However, it must be completely compartmentalized from Chang, who is essentially the Taiwanese Polanski, except he is not being sheltered from justice by the French government. Frankly, it is a little creepy to realize the incident he was convicted for occurred at a party for Quchi, but that is not the fault of Yang Liang-yu and his co-stars.
Director: Tso-chi Chang
Writer: Tso-chi Chang
Stars: Liang-yu Yang, Kuan Kuan, Nick Yen
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin | Min Nan
Release Date: 6 December 2013 (Taiwan)
Also Known As: A Time in Quchi
IMDB Profile tt3102636

A Time in Quchi (2013)

A Time in Quchi 2013 with English Subtitles 1


A Time in Quchi

Director: Tso-chi Chang

Writers: Tso-chi Chang

Stars: Liang-yu Yang, Kuan Kuan, Nick Yen

Summary: Bao stays with his grandfather for the summer and is shocked to see there are no modern appliances.

Also known as: Shu jia zuo ye on DVD

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