Blessure 2009



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Blessure 2009
8min | Short

Adapted Synopsis:

“Marie and Steven are a young and happy couple. Or so it would appear. Only when Tom, a cutie from Steven’s football team turns up on Marie’s doorstop to return his sports bag, does Marie really know her husband as much as she thought she did?”

User review:

Staying with the short film medium for a while longer, this is one of those FreeViews that I’ve been meaning to get around to reviewing for some time now.

True, the scenario is all too familiar, both on screen and I dare say in real life; that of a loving wife unaware of her husband’s true (gay / bisexual) nature. That said, it’s well played by its cast of three, along the way highlighting the plight of a woman who comes to discover that she didn’t know her husband as well as she thought she did, even if the emotional confrontation between the two thereafter is left deliberately AWOL. Indeed the sole verbal exchange of note is between the two men and in particular that of a gay lover who no longer the mistress be.

Directed by Johan Vancauwenbergh and jointly written between Vancauwenbergh and Roland Javornik; namely the man behind the exquisite short neo noir that is Motionless Explosions, the result is a work that in playing to the maxim “the truth will out” tells a tale that and not surprisingly beckons another reel of footage to answer the narrative’s unspoken questions, not least of which is and with a spoiler warning firmly in place, whether or not a woman now aware of her husband’s philandering ways, is equally wise to the sexual direction that his “me time” takes him? Indeed was Marie already conscious of Steven’s liking for man sex, but chose to be blind to it? Whatever way, the one solid fact bar the accidental / by design male name reversals is that Steven Boen as Tom is a man who many would have kicked into bed, rather than out. As ever, see what you think.

Director: Johan Vancauwenbergh
Writers: Roland Javornik, Johan Vancauwenbergh
Stars: Steven Boen, Tom De Hoog, Janne Desmet
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch
Also Known As: Fair Play

Blessure 2009 7
Blessure (2009)


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