Boy Wonder 1996



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Boy Wonder 1996
54m | Adult | 1996Plot:Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik star with six other gorgeous guys in this erotic classic from 1996. A day of passion ensues as our boys saturate themselves in sex. Packed with sexual discovery and passion, this third installment in the successful Boy series is a fine example of coming of age erotica and features an amazing collection of Czech guys including the stunning young Stefan Andersen and Johan’s tasty piece of brother: Roman Paulik.
Director: George Duroy
Stars: Stefan Andersen, Tomas Belko, Milos Janek
Countries of origin: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Filming locations: Prague, Czech Republic
IMDB Profile tt0406596

Boy 3: Boy Wonder (1996)

Boy Wonder 1996 7


Boy 3: Boy Wonder

Director: George Duroy


Stars: Stefan Andersen, Tomas Belko, Milos Janek


Also known as: Boy 3: Boy Wonder (1996) on DVD

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