Brainy 2011



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Brainy 2011
25min | Short, Drama | 10 August 2011 (Switzerland)


Brainy is a short drama about 10 year old Brian, an imaginative boy who deals with the loss of his grandfather by constructing a fantastic world. In Brian’s imagination his Grandpa is still alive, living up in space. Brian has a mission to collect up dead animals, and the dead animals can be launched up to the stars to live again. That is until the day Brian meets Denice, 14, his slightly older neighbour, from whom he learns that no matter how much we wish for them, some things just aren’t possible.

Director: Daniel Borgman
Writer: Daniel Borgman
Stars: Marie Hammer Boda, Lisa Carlehed, Jacob Ottensten
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Release Date: 10 August 2011 (Switzerland)

Brainy 2011 9
Brainy (2011)

25 min|Short, Drama|10 Aug 2011

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