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Chicuarotes 2019
TV-14 | 1h 35min | Drama | 28 June 2019 (Mexico)
Storyline:A group of teenagers in Mexico City set out to enrich their lives.User review:This film is made every 3-4 years and when they seem to have experience on it they always make the same mistakes again. The weight of the film falls as always in seeing the sad and hard life that these people live, stories that are not far from reality, but if anyone took a camera and went out to record surely they would achieve what this script with mediocre dialogues could not achieve. It hurts because the opportunity to make a movie is not available to everyone, but why do they always give it to the worst writers? Why always this pretentious view of social inequality? Can anyone do something different in México?
Director: Gael García Bernal
Writer: Augusto Mendoza
Stars: Daniel Giménez Cacho, Dolores Heredia, Benny Emmanuel
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 28 June 2019 (Mexico)
Filming Locations: Xochimilco, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
IMDB Profile tt4523910

Chicuarotes (2019)

Chicuarotes 2019 with English Subtitles 19



Director: Gael García Bernal

Writers: Augusto Mendoza

Stars: Benny Emmanuel, Leidi Gutiérrez, Gabriel Carbajal

Summary: A group of teenagers in Mexico City set out to enrich their lives.

Also known as: Chicuarotes (2019) on DVD

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