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Children in the Universe 1975
Otroki vo vselennoy (original title)
1h 24min | Family, Comedy, Sci-Fi | 25 March 1975 (Soviet Union)
Storyline:Interstellar expedition manned by “pioneers” (Soviet Scouts) reach Alpha Kassiopea to find that smart robots have taken control of the whole planet. Their only goal: to make their masters happy, as they understand it. Happiness is, to them, satisfaction of primitive needs, and removal of “disturbing” emotions such as love and responsibility. Many years ago they reached this goal and thus wiped out the original inhabitants. A few people escaped from “total happiness”, and their descendants orbited the planet in a big space station for many generations. Brave Soviet pioneers land on the planet, destroy the robots and return the planet to the descendants.User review:This movie was really good, the budget was much higher than I expected it for a 1974 soviet production.The story was good, it wasn’t really special but for people who like sci-fi this is a big piece of enjoyment.The acting was good as well although it was a little strange to me that the protagonists were children.They had some good ideas and realized them nicely for that time. It was fun to watch, especially the strange robots and their behavior. Of course there were logic-missing moments but it was OK, it didn’t destroy the atmosphere or anything. The higher ranked robots really creeped me out because of their looks. The effects were not that good but enjoyable. The confrontation with the planets intelligence was really funny and me laugh some times. And it’s a movie on a higher intellectual level or it at least tries to be which made it something special, something to appreciate. I already watched some soviet, polish and czech sci-fi movies and I think this one was probably the best, so give it a try.
Director: Richard Viktorov
Writers: Isai Kuznetsov (as I. Kuznetsov), Avenir Zak (as A. Zak)
Stars: Misha Yershov, Aleksandr Grigoryev, Vladimir Savin
Country: Soviet Union
Language: Russian
Release Date: 25 March 1975 (Soviet Union)
Filming Locations: Opuk mountain, Crimea, USSR
IMDB Profile tt0071957

Teens in the Universe (1975)

Children in the Universe 1975 with English Subtitles 11


Teens in the Universe

Director: Richard Viktorov

Writers: Isai Kuznetsov, Avenir Zak

Stars: Misha Yershov, Aleksandr Grigoryev, Vladimir Savin

Summary: Continuation of the film "Moscow-Cassiopea": cosmonauts-schoolchildren fly to an extraterrestrial civilization in distress.

Also known as: Otroki vo vselennoy on DVD

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