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Diary of June 2005
Yu-wol-ui il-gi (original title)
1h 45min | Crime, Thriller | 1 December 2005 (South Korea)
Storyline:Two teenagers joining the same class in a high school die on the same day. The one to be top of the class is killed by a big knife on the street, the other – the second best of the class indeed – seems to be jumped from the top of the school building. Everybody believes that he first killed his classmate and than himself. But when the police finds small pill boxes into the stomachs of both kids confessing their murder two South Korean cops are torn into a new case of murder series. While they try to hunt down the serial killer, more pupils are getting killed…User review:If you are not that familiar with Korean movies/cinema, you might be in for quite a surprise. But for me, it didn’t really work. The English title does play a role in the movie, which is apparent almost from the get-go. But of course, that’s not all there is to this movie and quite a few things happen.A pretty decent movie, that I can only recommend, if you have an affection for that sort of movies. Still there are better (Korean) movies out there to watch. So it’s up to you, if you want to take the time and watch this over other movies. Just read another comment on here and then decide, before you waste your time.
Director: Kyung-Soo Im
Writers: Kyung-Soo Im, Man-Hee Lee (screenplay) (as Man-hui Lee)
Stars: Ki-beom Jang, Oh Jeong-Se, Yun Ju-sang
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 1 December 2005 (South Korea)
Also Known As: 6月の日記
Filming Locations: Busan, South Korea


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