Godly Boyish 2004



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Godly Boyish 2004
20min | Drama, Short | 9 October 2004 (UK)


Two boys dream of a life together in heaven.

User review:

I was drawn to this movie by the title. But then the feeling sunk in that the movie somehow was glorifying suicide. Different thoughts entered my head. I said to myself: I can’t love this movie because it offers an option to the alienation felt by countless gay teenagers in the world in the form of ending their lives. Then I tried to dissuade myself by thinking that it was only a fantasy.

The kind of fantasy that so many of us feel when we are young and feel trapped by the outside world but for the love we have for another person that offers us happiness. Was their repression so horrible that they would risk ending their earthly life for an unknown fate? So the dreamlike state which attracted me in the first few minutes, the timeless feeling of escaping with the one we loved, left me. And now it disturbs me. We cannot think honestly inside of a fantasy. We cannot violate those laws of nature which are essential to the definition of life.

It would be nice to dream that we could all pass to heaven after we have found love and enjoy the fruits of the love with that person by imagining it and praying to God that he would take us both to the place, but essentially I cannot suspend disbelief as the two mesmerizing actors did.

I did not grade this a 10 because deep inside of me, as depressed as I have ever been, as much as I have wanted to think that life’s release is a solution, it is not. And I have gone on, to enjoy this life and this moment and I am here to tell you that suicide is not a solution to anything.

Director: Cam Archer
Writer: Cam Archer
Stars: Cassidy Field, Jasper Bel, Gabrielle Reiman

Godly Boyish 2004 10
Godly Boyish (2004)

20 min|Drama, Short|31 Mar 2005

7.0Rating: 7.0 / 10 from 89 users
Two boys dream of a life together in heaven.


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