Hadaka no tenshi 1981 with English Subtitles

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Hadaka no tenshi 1981
1h 35m | Family | 1981 (Japan)
Storyline:Ruriko is concerned when her younger brother Ryo, who has a mental disability, comes to the same school, because the boy has the habit of undressing totally on many occasions.
But Ruriko’s classmates learn to think about people with disabilities and build friendships while interacting with Ryo who has a ” Heart of Gold”. He wants to help everyone and all the time. For him it doesn’t matter whether it is a disabled or a healthy person.
Director: Katsumune Ishida
Writer: Yoshiko Akagi
Actors: Tomoe Hiiro, Sumio Takatsu, Daigo Kusano, Etsutaka Kasano

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