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Human Factors 2021
1h 42min | Drama | 29 January 2021 (USA)
Storyline:Jan, Nina and their two kids are a cosmopolitan, middle-class family. Nina and Jan have a successful career as account executives at their advertising company, but when Jan accepts to work on the campaign of a political party, Nina’s exclusion from the decision-making leads to doubting and mistrust. When they decide to spend a family weekend at their house in a coastal holiday resort, a mysterious home invasion sets everything off balance. While they try to put the incident into perspective, agitation triggers off a shake in the family core. Told through narrative loops and shifting lenses, HUMAN FACTORS unveils the fragility of truth in the hyper-mediatized world and the power of individual perspective.User review:We kick off Sundance today with world dramatic entry Human Factors. What seemed to be a slow beginning quickly turned into an engaging watch. The use of different points of view from each family member only added to the drama of a family falling apart. At first it was hard to distinguish the time frame so there was a little bit of disorientation, but quickly it revealed the setup in a manner easier to follow. Performances were great on all parts, but Sabine Timoteo won me over. May I also add the gorgeous cinematography to take into consideration. Writer and director Donny Trocker made a beautiful film and I wish him all the luck in upcoming awards.
Director: Ronny Trocker
Writer: Ronny Trocker
Stars: Mark Waschke, Marthe Schneider, Sabine Timoteo
Countries of origin: GermanyItalyDenmark
Languages: FrenchlemishGerman
Also known as: Out of Season
Filming locations: Hamburg, Germany
IMDB Profile tt7904172

Human Factors (2021)

Human Factors 2021 with English Subtitles 7


Human Factors

Director: Ronny Trocker

Writers: Ronny Trocker

Stars: Mark Waschke, Sabine Timoteo, Jule Hermann

Summary: A mysterious home invasion triggers off a shake in the core of a cosmopolitan middle-class family and unveils the fragility of truth and the power of individual perspective.

Also known as: Human Factors (2021) on DVD

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