Hunting Flies 2016 with English Subtitles



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Hunting Flies 2016
Fluefangeren (original title)
1h 46min | Drama | 21 April 2017 (Norway)
Storyline:A veteran high school teacher in rural Macedonia discovers that his country’s ethnic rivalries reproduce in a microcosm among his rebellious students. Can we heal the scars of the most bellicose nationalism through lessons from an idealistic teacher? The birth, rise and fall of a dictatorship recreated in a children’s classroom.User review:The story he tells us is that of a teacher who, above all else, wants to keep his job. To do so, and given the ethnic differences between his students, he will decide to keep them in class all day and part of the night. Your goal will be through all kinds of games and discussions that bridge their differences and achieve a cordial relationship, at least within the school.
In the film, the tension that still remains in certain countries of the Balkans is well reflected, where all the different generations have been transmitting their political ideals to their children and they have acted as they have seen their parents. It is also still considered a fairly macho society, you just have to see how the teacher leaves aside all the girls in the class and focuses on the boys, who are the ones who create the most conflicts.
Director: Izer Aliu
Writer: Izer Aliu
Stars: Jasin Mustafa, Besar Guta, Burhan Amiti
Country: Norway
Language: Albanian
Release Date: 21 April 2017 (Norway)
Also Known As: Hunting Flies
Filming Locations: Macedonia
IMDB Profile tt3142468

Hunting Flies (2016)

Hunting Flies 2016 with English Subtitles 1


Hunting Flies

Director: Izer Aliu

Writers: Izer Aliu

Stars: Jasin Mustafa, Besar Guta, Burhan Amiti

Summary: The idealistic teacher Ghani loses his principles during an intense day, when he barricades the students in an attempt in saving his working place. A political drama caging the rise and fall of a dictatorship in a classroom.

Also known as: Fluefangeren on DVD

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