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I Enjoy the World with You 1983
S tebou me baví svet (original title)
1h 22min | Comedy, Family | October 1983 (USA)
Storyline:Three middle-aged men go for a vacation with their children and learn to cope with their needs without their wives. Quickly, they plan to exhaust the kids to have some time off, but nothing really works out as planned.User review:Three middle-aged go for a vacation into the mountains with their children. How will they cope with their youngsters every-day needs without their wives? It seems like a many times told story but the way Polednakova approaches to the subject is simply charming. It truly is one of the most original sit-coms I’ve ever seen. Every character has got all the ingredients of a common man you meet on the street. They are not just one-dimensional comic figures (as it happens in most of the sit-coms). Polednakova will introduce every one of them in an inobtrusive way through many hilarious scenes. And you will love them with all their good and bad sides. Also the actor’s performance is wonderful – it seems like they are not acting – they are living it through. Especially Julius Satinsky is cute.The film was awarded as the best Czech comedy ever made. That award is rather contradictional since the comedy is the Czech top genre – but it surely is one of the best. It just doesnt have a blind spot – there is always something funny happening there. And the humor is built on the swift dialogues and original situations rather than on various odiousnesses which so often replace the humor in the modern movies. I highly recommend this movie to everyone who likes the situation comedies!
Director: Marie Polednáková
Writers: Marie Polednáková (story), Marie Polednáková (screenplay)
Stars: Július Satinský, Jana Sulcová, Václav Postránecký
Country: Czechoslovakia
Language: Czech
Release Date: October 1983 (USA)
Also Known As: You Take the Kids!


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