Korubo: Morir matando 2004

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Korubo: Morir matando 2004
57min | Documentary | TV Movie


In the remote lands flooded by the Javari river valley, in the Amazon area formed by three border countries: Peru, Colombia and Brazil; Live the most feared natives of Brazil, the Korubo Indians, called by the white settlers ‘crush heads’, famous for their dexterity handling large sticks, from which men are never separated from the tribe.

Director: Luis Miguel Domínguez
Writer: Luis Miguel Domínguez
Country: Brazil | Spain
Language: Spanish
Also Known As: Korubo – A Fight to the End
Filming Locations: Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Korubo: Morir matando 2004 9
Korubo: Morir matando (2004)

57 min|Documentary|N/A


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