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Last Film Show 2021
1h 50m | Drama | 6 January 2022 (Russia)
Storyline:When the magic of movies conquers nine-year young Samay’s heart; he moves heaven and earth in pursuit of his 35mm dreams unaware of heartbreaking times that awaits him.User review:I have previously predicted and written that Pan Nalin is one of the most innovative and soulful filmmaker of modern era. Each of his movie is fresh with renewed moviemaking style and substance. And Last Film Show is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. It’s gorgeous and deeply moving, It’s tragic and terrific, It’s the purest cinema with unbelievable simplicity and poetry. Pan Nalin not only celebrates magic of movies but also the magic of being unknowing genius. From Lumiere Brothers to Tarkovsky, Pan Nalin packs in so many punches and passion filled plots in one single movie -as if he has managed to pay homage to the entire gamut of movie magic and entertainment industry.Last Film Show took me on an incredible voyage as if I was in a trance. I was hypnotized by this skillfully crafted movie and totally blown away by the command of direction, cinematography, editing and sound design.I laughed, I fell silent, I was anxious, I was scared, then laughed again -but in the end it made me weep. This movie is breathtaking and heartbreaking both at the same time. It touches you deep within. It is a top-notch quality entertainment that is so inspiring – you will come out of the movie feeling happy, positive and uplifted.Super highly recommended -and watch this movie with your family and friends -and it is an absolute must for those who love cinema!Open your heart and let the Pan Nalin flood your heart with his light…
Director: Pan Nalin
Writer: Pan Nalin
Stars: Bhavin Rabari, Richa Meena, Bhavesh Shrimali
Countries of origin: India, France, United States
Language: Gujarati
IMDB Profile tt9681686

Last Film Show (2021)

Last Film Show 2021 with English Subtitles 7


Last Film Show

Director: Pan Nalin

Writers: Pan Nalin

Stars: Bhavin Rabari, Richa Meena, Bhavesh Shrimali

Summary: Samay fights heaven and earth to find light. He wants to catch, control, cut and project that light to tell stories. Now to pursue that dream he must leave everything he loves and take a flight to find the light.

Also known as: Chhello Show on DVD

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