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Mother 2019
Madre (original title)
2h 8min | Drama, Thriller | 30 October 2020 (USA)
Storyline:Elena receives a call from her six-year-old son, who tells her that he is lost on a beach in France and that he does not find his father. These desperate words of his son were the last that she learned about him. In the end, she finds herself on the same beach where her son disappeared, works as a manager in a restaurant and begins to leave this dark tunnel, where she has been anchored for so long. After ten years her life shakes again when she accidentally meets Gene, a French teenager resembling her son. A strong bond arises between them, which ultimately wreaks havoc and mistrust around them.User review:After watching the short film predecessor, which was nominated for the Oscar, I was expecting a story related to the dissapearance of Elena’s son, Iván. It’s been a real surprise how it’s been developed, which takes place ten years after that tragedy and introduces us to a mother, Elena, who has just recovered and she has the bad or the good luck to meet a boy, Jean, who is age her son would be today.The script is quite good, it’s a scant irregular and especially the scene of the meeting with three men in the night club is totally left over, it’s very unpleasant and adds nothing to the story. The rest of the characters on several occasions are overacted. In spite of this, I love the director’s daring and the social criticism that love between a mand and a much younger woman is well seen, and the opposite is frowned upon.It’s magnificent to enjoy each image with this beauty of photography and the great chemistry between the two protagonists.Finally, to highlight Marta Nieto’s performance, there are no words to describe it. It’s the best spanish performance of 2019.
Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
Writers: Isabel Peña, Rodrigo Sorogoyen
Stars: Marta Nieto, Jules Porier, Alex Brendemühl
Country: Spain | France
Language: Spanish | French
Release Date: 30 October 2020 (USA)
Also Known As: Mother
Filming Locations: Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, Landes, France
IMDB Profile tt9234450

Mother (2019)

Mother 2019 with English Subtitles 15



Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Writers: Isabel Peña, Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Stars: Marta Nieto, Jules Porier, Alex Brendemühl

Summary: Ten years have passed since Elena's son, then six years old, has disappeared. Today Elena lives and works at a seaside restaurant until she meets a teenager who reminds her of her missing son.

Also known as: Madre on DVD

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