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Rebirth 2017
Legend of Long Yang (original title)
1h 10min | Romance, Drama, Fantasy | 23 February 2017 (China)
Storyline:Ten years ago, young Prince Ji Yu meet Long Yang, a commoner who, in order to prevent him from murdering a group of peasants accused of treason, steals his bow and tries to run away. However, Long Yang is caught by the guards but forgiven by Ji Yu, who is moved and impressed by the boy’s actions. Before leaving, Ji Yu gives him a token so he can exchange it for some money, but Long Yang decides to keep it. In the present, Long Yang has been serving as a guard in the palace for five years without Ji Yu noticing him. One day, when Ji Yu returns from a battle he is attacked by assassins and Long Yang is mortally wounded trying to protect him. Just before losing consciousness, he sees how an arrow is fired at Ji Yu, possibly killing him as well. Upon awakening, however, Long Yang discovers that he has returned a year ago in the past. Seeing an opportunity to change the future, Long Yang reveals his identity to Ji Yu, who recognizes him thanks to the token. Long Yang soon becomes the personal guard of Ji Yu, and a candid romance flourishes between both men. However, the couple will have to deal with Ji Yu’s fiancée, the jealous Chang Qin, and her attempts to separate them.User review:The great difference of this film undoubtedly lies in the choice of elements to compose this yaoi novel. Using the subterfuge of cinematography as well as the conflicts and discoveries of the protagonists in an extremely conservative period make of “Rebirth” an elegant and well written novel.
The soundtrack left a little to be desired, because it is a novel of this genre, something that diverges from the softer to the more aggressive would be ideal, after all we have fights and action scenes, which takes a bit the brightness of the sequences of scenes.
The cast was very active and professional, both character assumes their sexuality in a natural way after making their own decisions regardless of what others think.
In general, “Rebirth” is a good movie, there may be a certain prejudice about the genre, for someone extremely against me, I like this type of film because the technical elements that make it up are acceptable to my standards and also respect those Who choose this lifestyle. Highly recommend!
Director: Fei Yu
Writer: Yi Hua Yao
Stars: Dou Qi Chen, Hao Yu Wang
Country of origin: China
Language: Chinese
Also known as: Rebirth
Filming locations: Ningbo Xiangshan Motion Picture City, Xiangshan, Zhejiang, China
IMDB Profile tt5862688

Jasper (2017)

Rebirth 2017 with English Subtitles 6



Director: Fei Yu

Writers: Yi Hua Yao

Stars: Dou Qi Chen, Hao Yu Wang


Also known as: Jasper (2017) on DVD

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