Roadside Stone 1964 with English Subtitles



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Roadside Stone 1964
Robô no ishi (original title)
1h 37m | Drama | 14 June 1964 (Japan)
Storyline:In early 20th century Japan a boy, too poor to afford further schooling, is sold as an indentured servant by his parents.User review:An excellent touching classic drama tells the plight of Goichi a bright young teen who has just passed his elementary exams with honors. Desperate to further his higher education in the capital Tokyo, Goichi however is constrained by poverty, hindered by a tyrannical father and his submissive mother. Set at the turn of the century on the eve of war between Japan & Russia, it is the 36th year of the Meiji era. This turbulent epoch was a period of rapidly changing social/class structure, internal politics, economy, military, and foreign relations. Presenting a number of themes the film’s multi faceted composition was inspired by author Yuzo Yamamoto, it is a popular story “The Stone on the Sidelines” first filmed in 1938.. Filmmaker Miyoji Ieki was an outstanding independent writer director of socially conscious cinema, this film from his work at Toei 1958-65. Ieki’s films are admired for their intelligence and humanity, for their dynamic visual and poetic expression. With a tremendous lead role from young Shûichi Ikeda, beautifully composed black & white cinematography and a pensive, emotionally charged screenplay this wayside pebble is a highly recommended gem to behold…
Director: Miyoji Ieki
Writers: Miyoji Ieki (screenplay), Yûzô Yamamoto (story)
Stars: Chikage Awashima, Shûichi Ikeda, Katsuo Nakamura
Country of origin: Japan
Language: Japanese
IMDB Profile tt5340886

Roadside Stone (1964)

Roadside Stone 1964 with English Subtitles 7


Roadside Stone

Director: Miyoji Ieki

Writers: Miyoji Ieki, Yûzô Yamamoto

Stars: Chikage Awashima, Shûichi Ikeda, Katsuo Nakamura


Also known as: Robô no ishi on DVD

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