Rosa was here 1994 with English Subtitles

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Rosa was here 1994
51min | Family, Fantasy | 11 February 1994 (Finland)


One morning, Rosa and her friends awake to find that all people over the age of 13 have disappeared. Rosa is due to turn 13 in a few days, and she and her friends spend their last days riotously. A very confusing movie with no apparent message, made even more confused by the ending.

User review:

Rosa was Here begins with the Spring Day celebration, when students find that all adults have mysteriously disappeared. All those over the age of 12 have been wiped off without leaving any trace, only children are left alone on the earth. So there are clear similarities to HBO’s recent Leftovers success.

Rosa steals a police car with his classmates Mintu, Santer and Ilka, and goes on a futile summer drive because no one is forbidding. The Black House gets a hippy look and the kids take the road trip to the Porvoo Street Party . There’s also plenty of excitement on Rosa’s upcoming 13th anniversary: xe2x80x8bxe2x80x8bWill Rosaki disappear.

No adults are seen in the film, and the performance of children is mostly natural and interesting. The plot twists are surprising and the story stays together. As a rule, the film received praiseworthy reviews at one time.

Director: Kaija Juurikkala
Writer: Kaija Juurikkala
Stars: Sanna Liljander, Oula Kitti, Soila Niemi
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Release Date: 11 February 1994 (Finland)
Also Known As: Kuumailmapallo
Filming Locations: Senaatintori, Helsinki, Finland

Rosa Was Here (1994)

51 min|Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi|11 Feb 1994
5.9Rating: 5.9 / 10 from 59 users
A confused movie about children in a world from which adults have disappeared.

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