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Shanghai Panic 2002
Wo men hai pa (original title)
1h 27m | Drama, Romance | 14 February 2002 (Germany)
Storyline:Growing up in the shadows of Shanghai, Bei (Li Zhinan), a disillusioned dancer, spends most of his time in a drug-induced haze. But when he begins developing AIDS-like symptoms and fears he could be seriously ill, he turns to his three best friends to help him forget. Complications ensue when Bei and another friend, Jie (Zhou Zijie), begin to feel more than mutual camaraderie, which throws their sexuality into serious question.User review:Wasn’t expecting much from this film as I was merely interested in seeing how it depicted homosexuality. I was struck by the realism in the film-making i.e. how it looked like a documentary. Following these kids around on their lives was fun for the most part. The feeling conveyed throughout is one of friendship. They really really seem to care for each other. The frustration that the two boys feel in their relationship is comical and all too common as I’ve been in that same type of relationship before.If there’s anything that detracts from the film is that it didn’t really seem to have an ending. Which arguably works seeing as how this doesn’t really purport to be a narrative story…just a glimpse into their lives which don’t in fact end when the credits roll. Also (nitpick) I didn’t care for the purposefully blurred moments in the film. Not artsy enough; they took me out of the story.Refreshing to see China portrayed in this way!Definitely recommend!!!!
Director: Andrew Y-S Cheng
Writer: Mian Mian, (novel “We are Panic”)
Stars: Zhinan Li, Mian Mian, Yuting Yang
Country of origin: China
Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese
Also known as: Shanghai Panic
Filming locations: Shanghai, China
IMDB Profile tt0344568

Wo men hai pa (2002)

Shanghai Panic 2002 with English Subtitles 7


Wo men hai pa

Director: Andrew Y-S Cheng

Writers: Mian Mian

Stars: Zhinan Li, Mian Mian, Yuting Yang

Summary: Set in Shanghai. Everyone panics.

Also known as: Wo men hai pa (2002) on DVD

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