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Spooky House 2002
PG | 1h 46min | Comedy, Family | 19 April 2002 (Usa)
Storyline:Mysterious reclusive magician the Great Zamboni and his pet jaguar Shadow reside in the Spooky House, an old mansion that’s rigged with magic tricks and hidden chambers. Young orphan Max attempts to befriend Zamboni. After a trio of teenage bullies who work for the town’s eccentric crime queen Boss chase Max and his friends into the Spooky House on Halloween, a night of hilarious magic and amazing illusions ensues.Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated PG for thematic elementsUser review:OK, my wife rented this off-the-shelf, thinking it would be a cute “family” movie, so we were forced to buy pizza and sit through it with our kids (9 & 5). In a nutshell, the kids loved it, although my 5 year old thought parts of it were a bit “scary”, and didn’t want to sit through it. For my wife and I, however, it was definitely a tremendous groaner…The biggest plus was the fact that it was SOOOO bad that we actually laughed at how bad it was! This was one of those “I’m too drunk to go to sleep…what’s on TV?” B-movies from the old USA Network “Up All Night” series (if you remember those).There were parts of it that actually reminded us of the old “Little Rascals” shows, where the kids—and their so-obviously-memorized scripts—were almost like puppets. The super-fast-motion scenes to speed things up were good for a chuckle.Rent this for your kids to enjoy, but don’t dare watch it yourself unless you want to bang your head afterwards for wasting this much time.
Director: William Sachs
Writers: Margaret Sachs, William Sachs
Stars: Ben Kingsley, Mercedes Ruehl, Matt Weinberg
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 19 April 2002 (Usa)
Also Known As: Spooky House
Filming Locations: Steveston, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
IMDB Profile tt0160905

Spooky House (2001)

Spooky House 2002 11


Spooky House

Director: William Sachs

Writers: Margaret Sachs, William Sachs

Stars: Ben Kingsley, Mercedes Ruehl, Matt Weinberg

Summary: Max is a lonely, recently orphaned young boy who is frequently bullied by his classmates. One night after accepting a dare, Max wanders into a mysterious mansion, where he meets the Great Zamboni, an eccentric magician.

Also known as: Spooky House (2001) on DVD

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