Sunde børn (born) 1943 on DVD

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Sunde børn 1943 on DVD

Propaganda film for a healthier child care of play and school children, both in terms of diet and clothing and cleanliness.

Unfortunately, this movie cannot be embedded on other websites due to rights.

Keywords: 1940-1949, Children, Child Life, Health, Young people

Director: Karl Roos

Script: Aage Gullestrup

Photographer: Jørgen Roos

8 reviews for Sunde børn (born) 1943 on DVD

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    oh the propaganda of the 1950 era. that is the only to say

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  5. Theodor Stadler (verified owner)

  6. Dennis Fry (verified owner)

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  8. John (verified owner)

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