Tayny dvortsovykh perevorotov 1-6



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Tayny dvortsovykh perevorotov 1-6
TV series (2000-)


“Secrets of the Palace Revolutions” is a big historical project, directed by Svetlana Druzhinina – an acknowledged Russian director, best known for the trilogy “Gardemariny”. After Emperor Peter I killed his only heir prince Alexey and issued the Decree of Succession, which provided that the Tsar would choose his own successor. But Peter I himself failed to do so before his death in 1725. In the decades that followed, the absence of clear rules of succession left the monarchy open to intrigues, plots, palace coups and counter-coups. The series has 8 Films, and follows the reign of Romanov dynasty during the Era of The era of Palace Revolutions.

User review:

This movie is a pleasure to watch. The costumes, props, scenery and decorations are exquisite. It has a splash of humour, a handful of spectacular actors and an intersting and accurate account of an important time in russian history.

Stars: Vladimir Ilin, Dmitriy Kharatyan, Aleksey Zharkov
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Release Date: 2000 (Russia)
Also Known As: Тайны дворцовых переворотов

Tayny dvortsovykh perevorotov 1-6 20
Tayny dvortsovykh perevorotov (2000–)


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