The Golden Head 1964



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The Golden Head 1964
1h 42min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime | 8 September 2009 (USA)
Storyline:Milly, Michael and Harold Stevenson are in Budapest with their father, a British inspector who is attending an international convention of criminal investigators. Two thieves use the conference as an opportunity to steal the golden bust of Saint László from the Cathedral of Gyór and attempt to smuggle it out of the country. The Stevenson children trail the thieves through Budapest and the surrounding area, providing a widescreen travelogue of the culture and landmarks of Hungary.User review:This movie is mainly aimed at small kids, so you might feel like I am being too harsh on it. And I am pretty sure, there won’t be many that agree with me (hence I expect quite a few “not helpful” checks), but despite that, I cannot just act as if I liked the movie. Speaking of “act” … I wish they had chosen child actors that could spell the word (even better: Practice it!).But if you do not care about the simple story, the simple gags (I wonder if kids nowadays even would care about the gags .. maybe if they are small enough not to care about an incoherent story and other things that make the movie almost dreadful … or so bad, that it’s good?), than you might wanna try this out. It’s not worse than all those “spoofs” that are coming out in the “noughties” …Directors: Richard Thorpe, James Hill
Writers: Iván Boldizsár, Stanley Goulder
Stars: George Sanders, Buddy Hackett, Jess Conrad
Country: USA | Hungary | UK
Language: English | Hungarian
Release Date: 8 September 2009 (USA)
Also Known As: Milly Goes to Budapest
Filming Locations: Gellért Baths, Budapest, Hungary
IMDB Profile tt0056835

The Golden Head (1964)

The Golden Head 1964 13


The Golden Head

Director: Richard Thorpe, James Hill

Writers: Iván Boldizsár, Stanley Goulder, Roger Windle Pilkington

Stars: George Sanders, Buddy Hackett, Jess Conrad

Summary: British youngsters in Budapest attempt to catch the thieves of the golden bust of Saint László.

Also known as: The Golden Head (1964) on DVD

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