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The Last Bath 2020
O Último Banho (original title)
1h 35min | Drama | 2020
Storyline:A nun is called upon to adopt her 15-year-old nephew, and as a consequence religion, family and love become entangled.User review:A boy who needs a mother is paired with a woman who needs to be loved, and the rest is waiting to see if the rest will be what you fear it might be.Director David Bonneville builds the tension – erotic tension, so far as it can be when one protagonist is 14 – throughout his solid debut feature as the main characters take a full-frontal approach to scenes in the bathroom and beyond that represent the cleansing of their souls as well as bodies.Other critics have said the themes have been worked before, and they have, but if this is a retread it is a well-worked and beautifully shot one that is worth plunging into the Douro Valley for 95 minutes to experience again.The woman is the boy’s aunt, a nun, forced to take the boy in when his guardian (her father) dies. The boy, abandoned by his own mother, has been left emotionally stunted by his upbringing. As fate forces to two together, the viewer watches awkwardly on as boundaries blur. It seems neither has the experience to know when something is no longer a good idea. Or is it really naivety that allows both to let situations develop to see what may entail?One criticism is the film appears cut down to size, as if there’s a two-hour version that would make a bit more sense. As it is, the man-boy is naked in the bath being scrubbed by his aunt without much more than a shrug. It sometimes feels like a few pages of the script were lost to brevity.Bonneville praises lead actress Anabela Moreira for investing her body and soul into the part – art-flick code for she gets her kit off – and newcomer Martim Canavarro also deserves praise for his brave performance (my codewords this time). Given his physical maturity it’s easy to overlook the fact he was 13 years old when filming began, yet he pulls off the mix of vulnerable child and ready-for-the world youth whose body could tempt a grown woman with aplomb. (It is little wonder he has become a Calvin Klein model since the film was shot in 2018; this is a boy we will see more of.)Overall, a somewhat slight but ultimately pleasing effort. A soapy opera that rises above the mundane.
Director: David Bonneville
Writers: David BonnevilleDiego Rocha
Stars: Anabela MoreiraMartim CanavarroMargarida Moreira
Countries of origin: Portugal France
Language: Portuguese
Filming locations: Porto, Portugal
IMDB Profile tt9046038

The Last Bath (2020)

The Last Bath 2020 with English Subtitles 7


The Last Bath

Director: David Bonneville

Writers: David Bonneville, Diego Rocha

Stars: Anabela Moreira, Martim Canavarro, Margarida Moreira

Summary: A nun is called upon to adopt her 15-year-old nephew, and as a consequence religion, family and love become entangled.

Also known as: O Último Banho on DVD

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