The Law of Enclosures 2000



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The Law of Enclosures 2000
1h 51min | Drama | 21 April 2001 (USA)
Storyline:Story of the same couple, first in their teenage years and then in their twilight years, paradoxically set in the same time during the backdrop of the Gulf War in the Middle East.User review:A great film about the struggles and decline of relationships. Sarah Polley is excellent as usual, she can just do no wrong in my book. Her character is a somber, depressed young women after her relationship with Brenden Fletcher changes from its romantic beginning to a lonely, neglected existence. The older couple of Dianne Ladd and Sean McCann is a particularly vicious pairing, they are very, very cruel to each other. Nice music/background sounds creating an atmospheric feel that puts one in touch with the mood of the film,… changes, life, pain, love, a story about these simple and complicated things.
Director: John Greyson
Writers: John Greyson, Dale Peck (novel)
Stars: Sarah Polley, Diane Ladd, Brendan Fletcher
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 21 April 2001 (USA)
Also Known As: Uma Chance Para o Amor
Filming Locations: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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