The Search 1948



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The Search 1948
1h 44m | Drama, War | 26 March 1948 (USA)
Storyline:A silent nine-year-old Czech boy, a survivor of Auschwitz, flees a refugee center in postwar Germany and is found by an American G.I. At the same time, the boy’s mother, the sole surviving member of his family, searches refugee centers for her son. Time, distance, and the massive numbers of refugee children are factors hampering the reunion of mother and son.User review:After watching Roberto Rossellini’s 1947 final part of his war trilogy “Germania anno zero”, Fred Zinnemann’s “The Search” is in direct contrast. While Rossellini approaches a similar subject with absorbing objectivity, “The Search” opts for sentimentality, although Zinnemann tried to add a documentary dimension to the story. It’s the tale of a boy who is rescued by an American G.I. in Berlin, while the boy’s mother is looking for him in refugee camps, after they were separated in Auschwitz during the war. Mother and child are pretty close but do not know it, so the story goes from scenes of the soldier educating the boy, to the mother’s giving love to surrogate sons in a UN home for war orphans. Zinnemann’s tact (or lack of passion, as some may say) nevertheless makes it work, as well as the performances by Montgomery Clift as the soldier and young Ivan Jandl as the kid, who won a special Oscar.
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Writers: Richard Schweizer (screen play), David Wechsler (collaborator: on screen play), Paul Jarrico (additional dialogue)
Stars: Montgomery Clift, Ivan Jandl, Aline MacMahon
Countries of origin: SwitzerlandUnited States
Languages: English, German, French, Polish, Hungarian, Czech
Also known as: Die Gezeichneten
Filming locations: Frankfurt, Germany
IMDB Profile tt0040765

The Search (1948)

The Search 1948 7


The Search

Director: Fred Zinnemann

Writers: Richard Schweizer, David Wechsler, Paul Jarrico

Stars: Montgomery Clift, Ivan Jandl, Aline MacMahon

Summary: In post-war Berlin, an American private helps a lost Czech boy find his mother.

Also known as: The Search (1948) on DVD

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