Tobi 1978

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Tobi 1978
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | 19 December 1978 (Spain)


Tobi is a boy who was born with two wings. Some scientist wanted to examine him but that won’t be that easy.

User review:

I loved this movie as a child, and I wish I can see it again… I remember watching this movie as a child too, in Argetina… I saw it many, many times with my mother. This movie is about a very cute boy, around the age of 6-8 and one day grows angel wings, no one was able to explain it… I remember the mother taking him to see doctors and then they placed him in exhibition or something similar for people to see him, I can not remember that very well… but I do remember a scene where is looking at a bunny and the bunny looks back at him and moves with nose… the boy imitates the movement of the bunny… I can’t remember how the movie ended but I remember that it was a very sad ending. I have been wanting to watch this movie for a very long time but I could never find any information on it. I remember my mother telling me it was from Spain.

Director: Antonio Mercero
Writers: Horacio Valcárcel (as Horacio Valcarcel), Antonio Mercero
Stars: Lolo García, María Casanova, Francisco Vidal

Tobi 1978 12
Tobi (1978)

N/A|Comedy, Drama, Fantasy|19 Dec 1978

6.1Rating: 6.1 / 10 from 165 users
Tobi is a boy who was born with two wings. Some scientist wanted to examine him but that won't be that easy.

9 reviews for Tobi 1978

  1. Will (verified owner)

    Again, unclear image source, but intriguing story.

  2. robert b. (verified owner)

    you realy did a good job. i was looking for this movie along time.

  3. bryan gardner (verified owner)

    very poor picture quality

  4. steve (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As mentioned in my ticket, the quality was as low as 280p. YouTube amazingly has a version at 480p, which is quite acceptable (especially for YouTube!)

  6. john young (verified owner)

  7. Real Fortin (verified owner)

  8. risa furuki (verified owner)

  9. risa furuki (verified owner)

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