Code of Hunting 1983 with English Subtitles



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Code of Hunting 1983
Coto de caza (original title)
1h 49min | Crime, Thriller | January 1988 (West Germany)
Storyline:Assumpta Serna plays a lawyer who passionately defends ‘criminal scum’. Her latest defendants though have no quarrels in singling her out as their next victim. They steal her car, find keys to her country villa and decide to rob the place at the next opportunity. Unfortunately, the lawyer’s family turns up at the villa, a struggle ensues and the husband is killed. But this is only the beginning of the nightmare…User review:“Code of Hunt” is an extremely rare Spanish thriller that left me disturbed and speechless. This is one of the hardest to come by titles that existed in only two video releases, one Spanish(it’s country of origin)and the other Greek. Both are now long deleted many years ago and both are ultra-rare. A famous Spanish actress Assumpta Serna plays Adela, a defender of poor criminals. Unfortunately her latest defendants steal her car and find the keys to her country villa. During the robbery her husband is killed and three of the criminals run away. The youngest criminal(who is the brother of one of the villains)is captured by the police and dies in prison. For Adela this is the beginning of pure nightmare…”Code of Hunt” is a very gritty and bleak film that has to be seen to be believed. The acting is excellent and the violence is ugly and brutal. The climax is incredibly vicious and sadistic in its cold depiction of sexual violence and revenge. This little gem seems to be forgotten by fans of European cult cinema, but if you get a copy treasure it.
Director: Jorge Grau
Writers: Antonio de Jaén (story) (as Antonio de Jaen), Manuel Summers (story) (as Manuel S. Rivero)
Stars: Assumpta Serna, Víctor Valverde, Luis Hostalot
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Release Date: January 1988 (West Germany)
Also Known As: Code of Hunting
IMDB Profile tt0085368

Code of Hunting (1983)

Code of Hunting 1983 with English Subtitles 7


Code of Hunting

Director: Jorge Grau

Writers: Antonio de Jaén, Manuel Summers, Jorge Grau

Stars: Assumpta Serna, Víctor Valverde, Luis Hostalot

Summary: A pacifist lawyer's husband is accidentally killed during a home invasion. One of the culprits is caught, and his deranged brother begins to threaten the lawyer that if his brother isn't released, he will violently retaliate.

Also known as: Coto de caza on DVD

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