Dangerous Drugs of Sex 2020 with English Subtitles

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Dangerous Drugs of Sex 2020
Sei no Gekiyaku (original title)
1h 29m | Drama | February 14, 2020 (Japan)
Storyline:Katsuragi, an elite office worker who fell from a perfect life, drunkenly attempted to jump and commit suicide. Suddenly, he was suddenly helped by a mysterious man, Yoda, but that was the beginning of a horrible life of confinement training.User review:A salaryman’s fall from grace almost results in his suicide. Luckily, before he jumps, a mysterious man saves him. Unluckily, the man is a sadomasochist who chains him to a bed under a hospital and proceeds to rape him repeatedly.If you’re still interested, you’ll be glad to know the ex-salaryman finds pleasure in the pain and begins to find reason to live outside of Japan’s “follow your (read:our) dream of working til you die.”Let’s not kid ourselves: this movie exists to be as close to pornography as Japanese censors will allow (despite multiple scenes of ejaculation and penetration, we never see more than the curve of a bottom). The two newcomers in lead roles do acquit themselves reasonably well (although, how anyone can find scenes of a man screaming as vibrating anal beads are forcibly pushed up his rectum erotic astounds me) and show some gravitas in the heavier stuff (scenes of the salaryman’s old life as it fell apart, and of the masochist’s present offer more than just filler).This definitely has an audience, just not the mainstream. Worth a watch if you’re into Yaoi and boys love or gay hentai.
Director: Hideo Jôjô
Stars: Seiki Chiba, Takashi Kitadai, Sho Watanabe
Country of origin: Japan
Language: Japanese
Also known as: Sei No Gekiyaku
IMDB Profile tt12879746

Dangerous Drugs of Sex (2020)

Dangerous Drugs of Sex 2020 with English Subtitles 23


Dangerous Drugs of Sex

Director: Hideo Jôjô

Writers: Hideo Jôjô

Stars: Seiki Chiba, Takashi Kitadai, Sho Watanabe

Summary: Katsuragi is a disillusioned office worker who drunkenly attempts to commit suicide. However, with the help of a mysterious saviour, he soon discovers there are fates even worse than death.

Also known as: Sei no Gekiyaku on DVD

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