Recht auf Leben



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Recht auf Leben
102min | thriller | video


Somewhere in the distant future, people populated the Earth so much that the resources of our home planet were no longer enough for the survival of the human race. In this regard, it was decided to conduct a series of legislative projects that deprived most of the people of any rights. One of these laws was the law on the abolition of the right to life for persons under the age of 14. Such laws were used by world business leaders. And in one place, under one city, there was a gloomy impregnable building of a former concert hall, in which a hidden psychopath, who hid behind the big name Universal Evil, arranged his own television reality show.

Feature film “Right to Life”
Country Russia
Genre: Psychological Drama
Producer: Media Center “Croaton”, film studio “Wind of Freedom”
Duration: 102 min.
Tagline: In the beginning there were seven


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