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Star Boys 2017
Kaiken se kestää (original title)
1h 22min | Drama | February 2017 (Sweden)
Storyline:The movie tells what happens when sexual revolution arrives into a conservative and religious small town in Northern Finland, as seen by the 13-year-old Star Boy singers who are forced to observe their parents’ sexual liberation and its consequences at too close range. It’s a powerful story of two families of architects being torn apart by crumbling of moral conceptions and the parents’ endless need for love and freedom. After a fatal toga party, no one and nothing is the same, and the boys’ confusion erupts violently – Even though Star Boys deals with heavy themes, it is ultimately a warm and positive survival story that portrays the persistence and capacity of children to get over even most difficult experiences in life.User review:The movie was a nice (or not so) of its period of time.The actors had tried to learn the dialect of Oulu, succeeding at places, but at places falling shirt. As a person brought up in Oulu, some parts felt a bit wrong because the dialect kicked in and suddenly dropped out.As I lived in Oulu at that time, it was really nice to see the places in the movie and trying to connect them in my head into the map of Oulu.I was left with a feeling that the movie might have worked better as a series. The story could have been told better, it felt that there was too much stuff crammed into a movie.
Director: Visa Koiso-Kanttila
Writer: Visa Koiso-Kanttila
Stars: Vili Saarela, Olavi Angervo, Pihla Viitala
Country: Finland | Sweden
Language: Finnish
Release Date: February 2017 (Sweden)
Also Known As: Star Boys
Filming Locations: Karjasilta, Oulu, Finland
IMDB Profile tt5716438

Star Boys (2017)

Star Boys 2017 with English Subtitles 25


Star Boys

Director: Visa Koiso-Kanttila

Writers: Visa Koiso-Kanttila

Stars: Vili Saarela, Olavi Angervo, Pihla Viitala

Summary: Two Finnish boys battle adolescence and family troubles. Meanwhile, their homes are being encroached upon by inevitable urban development.

Also known as: Kaiken se kestää on DVD

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