The Unhealer 2020



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The Unhealer 2020
1h 34min | Sci-Fi, Thriller | 8 June 2021 (USA)
Storyline:A botched faith healing bestows supernatural Shaman powers on a bullied teenager. When his lifelong tormentors pull a prank that kills someone he loves, he uses his powers for revenge and goes on a bloody rampage to settle the score.User review:We start with Lance Henriksen’s healer who cures a woman of her constant back pain. This is noticed by the mother of a teenager who has an eating disorder. She offers to pay the healer to cure her boy and help him live a normal life; although as you can probably guess things don’t go as planned.While Reed’s ailments appear to be cured, he has also acquired an almost supernatural power which inflicts his pain on the person doing it; which is handy considering he is constantly being bullied.The main message here is that great power comes with great responsibility but obviously in hands that don’t really understand it, it can be dangerous. The violence at times is extremely jarring but give The Unhealer a sinister edge, its just a shame Henriksen’s character didn’t stick around longer as his foul mouthed rants were very amusing.Although it feels slightly drawn out, The Unhealer does raises its stakes in the finale, these sort of stories never really end well. Ultimately this is about choices and their consequences. The film is entertaining enough but could be tainted on repeat viewings.
Director: Martin Guigui
Writers: J. Shawn Harris, Kevin E. Moore
Stars: Natasha Henstridge, Lance Henriksen, Chris Browning
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 8 June 2021 (USA)
Also Known As: The Unhealer
Filming Locations: San Tan Memorial Gardens, Queen Creek, Arizona, USA
IMDB Profile tt1318523

The Unhealer (2020)

The Unhealer 2020 7


The Unhealer

Director: Martin Guigui

Writers: Kevin E. Moore, J. Shawn Harris

Stars: Lance Henriksen, Natasha Henstridge, Adam Beach

Summary: Spiritual healing gone wrong turns a relentlessly bullied teenager into a super-powered killing machine just as his tormentors do the unthinkable.

Also known as: The Unhealer (2020) on DVD

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