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Tú solo (1984)
Documentary, Drama | October 1985 (USA)


In this docu-drama, a group of dedicated youngsters, ranging in age from eight to eighteen, live and breathe the controversial sport of bullfighting as well as the world of machismo. This coming-of-age film features the students themselves.

User review:

An amazing quasi-documentary with good performances from the young pre-teen and teenage actors. The nude bullfighting scene is fascinating without being exploitive, and it serves as an analogy for the vulnerability these young bullfighters have when in the ring with the bulls. Hard to find, but recommended.

Director: Teo Escamilla
Writer: Teo Escamilla
Stars: Josxc3xa9 Moratalla, El Chino Torero, Lucio Sandin
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Release Date: October 1985 (USA)
Filming Locations: El Espinar, Segovia, Castilla y Lexc3xb3n, Spain

Tú solo (1984) on DVD 17

N/A|Documentary, Drama|01 Oct 1985
6.2Rating: 6.2 / 10 from 21 users
The daily life of those who dream of working in the world of the bullfighting. A movie that follows the pupils of the School of Tauromachy in Madrid. Reveals the human side of the bullfighter: his emotions, sensations, and sacrifices.

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    I don’t recieve the order yet. I have tried to contact with dvdbay-support and they don’t answer my email.

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    The picture was fine for the age of the film. But the English subtitles were around 10 seconds ahead of the scene, so very confusing.

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