Chlapsk dovolenka 1988 with English Subtitles

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09/15/2019 Update – English Subtitles added.

Chlapsk dovolenka 1988
Chlapská dovolenka (1988)
45min | Comedy | TV Movie 1988


A father/son get-together trying, in their inept way, to do some repair work to their home that they have out in the country.

Director: Rudolf Adler
Stars: Jaroslav Filip, Martin Hreben, Vilma Jamnická

Chlapsk dovolenka 1988 with English Subtitles 9
Chlapská dovolenka (1988)

45 min|Comedy|N/A


10 reviews for Chlapsk dovolenka 1988 with English Subtitles

  1. René (verified owner)

    Dad wants to turn his son Tomas into a real guy, but turns out to be a clumsy fool himself. A good-natured fool, though. A friendly, entertaining and entertaining film.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Have not received yet.

  3. Osvaldo Silva jr (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    still waiting

  5. robert b. (verified owner)

    great movie

  6. John (verified owner)

  7. Bryan L. (verified owner)

    Enjoyable film .

  8. pascal meunier (verified owner)

  9. Theodor Stadler (verified owner)

  10. bryan anderson (verified owner)

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