Detstvo Tyomy 1991

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Detstvo Tyomy 1991
Детство Тёмы 1991 (original title)
Family | TV Movie


Against the backdrop of slow flow of life and an established aristocratic manor life is the establishment of the souls of the young schoolboy Topics Kartashov. (google translated)

Название: Детство Тёмы

Длительность: ∞ мин.

Рубрики: Драма, Отечественные, Семейный

Год: 1991

Производство: СССР

Режиссёр: Елена Стрижевская

Актёр: Валентина Ананьина, Алена Беляк, Леонид Кулагин, Любовь Омельченко, Армен Джигарханян, Вера Ивлева, Владимир Максимов, Борис Репетур, Анна Каменкова, Виктор Бунаков, Игорь Кашинцев, Семен Фарада, Зиновий Гердт, Юрий Чернов, Сергей Голев

Сценарий: Николай Гарин-Михайловский, Евгений Митько

Оператор: Александр Лысых, Сергей Онуфриев

Композитор: Сергей Гаврилов

Художник: Сергей Бочаров

Director: Elena Strizhevskaya
Writers: Nikolai Garin-Mikhajlovsky (story), Yevgeni Mitko
Stars: Sergei Golev, Anna Kamenkova, Leonid Kulagin

Detstvo Tyomy 1991 11
Detstvo Tyomy (1991)


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5 reviews for Detstvo Tyomy 1991

  1. René (verified owner)

    In other words: the youth of Tyomy. This is part one of a diptych. A costume series, and I’m not that fond of that. Here it does not bother us, because it is mainly about the story, a rather tame story by the way. Not so much happens. The absence of subtitles is not a loss: the images and the simple storyline clearly show what it is all about.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice tv/movie!

  3. bob b. (verified owner)

    i really liked this movie

  4. Bryan L. (verified owner)


  5. pascal meunier (verified owner)

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