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Dorian Blues 2004
Not Rated | 1h 28min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 28 September 2006 (Germany)


Coming-of-age. A small-town young man realizes why he’s such a misfit – he’s gay! Adolescence is proving a pain for the always-thinking Dorian. He’s an outcast and the butt of classmates’ fag jokes at high school. He’s different and understands why when he reaches the conclusion that he’s a “stereotypical gay.” He soon announces this discovery to his homophobic, Nixon-loving dad. As Dad throws him out of the house, Dorian’s off to NYU to encounter a new world of coffee houses, sophisticates and handsome men.

User review:

I thought this movie was GREAT. I saw Dorian Blues at a film festival in Michigan and it was WAY better than I had expected. I saw it in the morning and had just gotten into town after driving over an hour. I was expecting some poorly put together independent film, but it was very good. It was funny…at times hilarious, but also managed to stay somewhat serious when need be. It’s a great film for people who are gay, especially if they’ve come out recently. Dorian is such a likable character, as was his brother. The movie did a fabulous job(you’d be laughing if you’d seen the film) showing the life of a teenager who just discovered that he is gay. As somebody who has been in his situation, I found that it was relatively accurate showing the feelings and situations that you experience right after coming out. I saw it with a straight friend of mine and he loved it as well. It’s just a funny look at a young, somewhat awkward boy’s life, just after he realizes he’s gay. It’s FABULOUS!!!

Director: Tennyson Bardwell
Writer: Tennyson Bardwell
Stars: Michael McMillian, Lea Coco, Steve Fletcher
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 28 September 2006 (Germany)
Also Known As: Dorian Blues – Eine witzig-spritzige Tragödie
Filming Locations: Bethlehem, New York, USA

Dorian Blues 2004 9
Dorian Blues (2004)

88 min|Comedy, Drama, Romance|28 Sep 2006

6.8Rating: 6.8 / 10 from 2,191 users
High school senior Dorian begins a gay man's odyssey when he determines that he's gay and decides to come out. Chief among concerns is the reaction of his father, who has never liked him.


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